Lights of an invisible object in the sky aboveMinnesota

The other day, residents and guests of the American Stillwater in the state
Minnesota witnesses were astonishing.
Late in the evening, an enormous
ring consisting of many glowing balls. Affected
Eyewitnesses captured the anomaly in the photo and video.

When mysterious footage hit the Net, many ufologists
got acquainted with them and concluded that before us is an invisible UFO,
soared above the ground. Say, the unidentified object itself was hidden from
human eyes invisible camouflage, however, emitted flying
the apparatus of the light, of course, was visible to the observers.

Some skeptics assumed that it was just light
spotlights on the clouds, but their theory was not confirmed.
First, it turned out that such installations with spotlights in
Stillwater spawned not. Secondly, eyewitnesses, waiting
the disappearance of a UFO, it is reported that it rapidly flew off to the side, and
don’t go out

According to experts, we can talk about either an aircraft
aliens very similar to the same fiery ring-shaped
�The “flying saucer” that residents saw on September 10
the California city of Oxnard, or about some kind of apparatus, secretly
created by our civilization. After all, the term “UFO” is not at all synonymous
and the hyperonym to the concept of “flying saucer”. Quite a few ufologists are convinced
that the vast majority of unidentified aircraft are secret
created by the military and other government agencies.

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