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Our world is a real fount of mysteries and secrets, however
the average man in the street faces them so rarely
and most often only “on a tangent”, which usually does not draw upon such
incidents of serious attention, closing on such miracles as
armor, your rationalistic thinking: it can’t be
it seemed better to be thrown out of my head, otherwise they would be deemed crazy, and
etc. However, some cases so much beat people out of
their usual rut of life, that their fantastic stories about these
странных events становтся достоянием широкой гласности.

Fantastic story first

It happened in 1974 in Washington. That summer day martin
J. left his office to go home. He left the building,
I looked around for my car, a little surprised that it was not worth
its place. In addition, the appearance of the “iron swallow” seemed
American somewhat strange, or rather, he somehow his
I took my native car as someone else’s: there was something wrong in it.

The man opened the car, got behind the wheel and was about to start the engine,
however … his ignition key did not fit. Here the American even
somewhat confused until I realized that in his car, apparently,
someone went before him, trying to steal a car. Martin right there
went back to the office to call the police about what happened.
But here, too, a real shock therapy awaited him: in the lobby,
It turned out to be a familiar telephone machine, moreover, the very
the decoration of the hall was quite different. In a panic, a man ran into his
the floor, however, did not find his office on it, everything looked completely
to others, as if a man was in a strange building.

Literally stunned by what was happening, Martin J.
the street and … suddenly I saw: the world familiar to him, finally,
is back. His car stood on the spot, she seemed already native, and
when an American got into her salon, then the ignition key is easy
approached, and the car, as they say, started with a half-turn. To american
I had a sigh of relief and go home …

Fantastic story second

It was 1978 year. In the Swiss clinic for the mentally ill entered
pregnant Brigitte H. she uttered with horror completely
incredible things.

According to the woman, her husband recently died in a car accident, she,
being already on demolition, I almost lost my mind from this tragedy.
The funeral was a nightmare for her, her future
represented very vaguely and did not want anything, constantly praying
God so that he could somehow help her or take her along with the child.
to yourself. And so her nightmarish day after day …

But once she returned from work, she saw a spouse who
I sat quietly in the kitchen and had dinner. After some minutes
confusion, and on the part of Brigitte almost pure insanity,
she realized that her husband is alive and well. The man admitted that he
really got into an accident, but got off with a slight fright.

After hearing about his funeral, her husband was extremely surprised by this, trying
dissuade wife in her light insanity. Not convinced Brigitte in
that she obviously dreamed all this, neither relatives nor
neighbors. A pregnant woman went to the cemetery and there, understandable
the case did not find the grave of the “buried spouse”.

That is why relatives, fearing for the condition of the child, whom
Swede wore under her heart, put Brigitta in a mental hospital.
However, doctors determined that the woman is quite healthy, and therefore already
the next day she was discharged from the clinic, stating that it was not their
care to sort out some fantasies and dreams …

Fantastic story the third

Elena Hazaryan from Rostov-on-Don in 1996 told
to journalists that mysterious things constantly happen to her.
Once at work, she suddenly clearly saw (as on the screen) that her
mother lies unconscious on the floor. The benefit of her work was next to
apartment, Elena immediately rushed home, where she found the mother
really lying on the floor: she had a stroke.

And another time, one evening, a woman just spent her son
out into the street and sat watching tv. Suddenly hears: in the front door
поворачивается ключ, сын за чем-то is back. However, no one entered
to the apartment. Helen in astonishment jumped into the hallway, and there stands
a son. But some strange – faded, as if in a fog. And this one
�The “ghost” became more pale, pale, and quite
dissolved in the air.

When the son came home and heard the story of the mother about all this,
he admitted that he had forgotten something and had even returned,
but near the entrance stood-stood and… changed his mind to climb in
an apartment. It turns out that Elena Khazaryan managed to see (or even
somewhat materialize) the intention of his son. Something else
it’s just impossible to explain such a vision …

Fantastic story four

This is what the journalists of the newspaper Trud wrote in 2000. Some Olga
G. told them that her younger sister had a very
curious case. The girl went for a walk and forgot the key. Through
Some time back with a friend and began to call the apartment,
but the mother who promised that will be at home all day so the door to them and
did not open. The girls had to go for a walk again.

Two hours later, having walked, they returned to the closed
the door, but this time there were no problems anymore. On the first
the door to them opened. And the mother was very surprised to tell her daughter,
because I have not heard any calls before, although nowhere
left the house and did not even turn on the TV.

I was still laughing then, says Olga, that my sister and her
girlfriend, they say, fell into a parallel dimension, in which the apartment
it was empty – nobody opened it …

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