Little ghost noticed near the historictaverns

Возле taverns «Dobbin House Tavern» в американском поселке
Gettysburg, Pa., Photographed, quite possibly
supernatural phenomenon. One of the tourists was at night near
This historic building, built in 1776, and caught
strange traffic on the nearest road.

Approaching him, an eyewitness noticed an incomprehensible light
a figure hovering over the asphalt! The man hurried to take a picture
Seen, unfortunately, as he himself admitted, on the old mobile

As a result, the traveler’s photo was not
the highest quality and crisp. However, it is still visible on it.
a mysterious little anomaly hovering over the road that just
unthinkable in terms of logic and physical laws.

With proper imagination, this ghostly creature can
consider two short hands. Some Internet users
even claim that the alleged ghost holds an ax or
something like that. Anyway, the nature of this phenomenon is
completely unclear to experts.

Skeptics, of course, immediately laughed at the mysterious picture, ridiculed
just because in Russia even homeless people have today
mobile phones with better video cameras, and here – a tourist,
traveling in America, and so blinded. Not

He was probably very scared of the ghost, others slyly notice
users, so frightened that he forgot that in his other pocket
lies a modern smartphone with a great camera, which you can
It was not only to take high-quality photos, but also high-quality

However, skeptics would still not have believed in this case.
ghost over the road, because in their understanding of this at all
maybe in principle …

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