Little ghost photographed in the NewOrleans

In the World Wide Web came another photo obtained
some time ago and showing, as it turned out, something

User “Reddit” shared with other site regulars
two pictures taken by him and his wife in 2012. Spouses
отдыхали в Новом Orleans и решили посетить ночной «призрачный тур»
according to the legends, which are inhabited by people from

One of these places was the old restaurant in the central part.
cities. The tour guide led the group to an empty staff room and
reported that employees have a tradition to light here in the evenings
a candle. It is said that in the institution dwells the spirit of one of his former
owners, and such an unusual ritual is necessary for prosperity
the restaurant. Our hero and his spouse simultaneously took pictures
this room, and despite the fact that in the photo men are not
imprinted nothing unusual, a snapshot of his wife shows one
interesting detail that the family noticed only now, after five
years of viewing your archive of photographs.

On the American photograph, we see a strange whitish
anomaly floating in the air directly to the table with a candle. Not
No wonder many commentators on reddit
rendered the following verdict: this little ghost! However, the author
The publication turned out to be somewhat embarrassed by such a hunch. The fact,
that the ghost tour guide described the phantom of the former owner
restaurant in a different way. According to him, it is translucent
full-length male figure that materializes in a chair
near the table and sits there for some time, then without a trace
dissolves in the air. However, you can not argue with the realities of the snapshot:
maybe there’s more than one ghost in that old restaurant? ..

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