Little girl scared parents descriptionher imaginary girlfriend

Many children are known to have imaginary friends.
Some of us believe that such characters live only in the imagination
baby Others are confident that babies can see what is not available.
eyes of adults, and only with age a person ceases to notice
around him guests from the thin world. So, according to some
child psychologists, imaginary friends can tell children
that which they themselves could never know.

Be that as it may, one unusual and even somewhat sinister
The story happened recently with an American family. Parents,
who wish to remain anonymous, say that their 3-year-old
Ruby’s daughter at some point suddenly appeared imaginary girlfriend.
Father and mother did not pay much attention to this until the girl
brought from kindergarten a seemingly ordinary piece of paper
which made the couple feel run down the back

It turned out that the teacher in the garden asked the children
tell about their imaginary friends (if, of course,
there are) and also draw these characters. Then babies
photographed with their drawings and added descriptions to the pictures
fictional buddies so boys and girls can
show it to parents. However, Ruby’s father and mother
felt not affection by looking at art and quotation
daughters. Here is what was written there:

This is my imaginary mom Greatful. Her yellow eyelashes allow
see her in the dark. She comes to me only at night. Sometimes it
scares me, but I always want her to come back. In her
животике два baby She is 14 years old, but she can never have a day
of birth.

Thus, Ruby had not even an imaginary friend, but
the second, ephemeral, mother. The real parents of the girl turned out to be
very concerned about her words and asked for advice from users
World Wide Web.

Many of the Network’s regulars naturally felt that the house
the family got the real ghost. Perhaps the spirit in the very
It belongs to a certain 14-year-old teenage girl who
accidentally got pregnant with twins and then for some reason
she died, or she was even killed in order to hide the violence against a minor. AND
one can only guess why she visits her phantom in the dark
Ruby’s days. Parents of babies are recommended to pray or even
seek help from a psychic.

Other commentators suggest that Ruby is just
impressionable child with good imagination, and no mystical
she has no girlfriend. Assumption, of course, optimistic, but
he has a serious flaw: what if it is not a child’s fantasy?
What then? ..

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