Little green hand with a coin surprisedarchaeologists

Archaeologists who recently excavated a Hungarian village
Nyarlerintse, made an unusual discovery. Exploring the medieval
cemetery with more than 500 graves, experts unexpectedly
stumbled upon a tiny sized mummified hand. Fragment
the remains belonging, presumably, to a small child, by
For some unknown reason, turned green and did not decompose completely. Scientists
recognize that they have never met anything like this before.

It is noteworthy that in the mysterious hand was put a copper
coin. This led researchers to suggest that metal
oxidized and absorbed into the dead limb, saving it from full
decomposition and giving it a greenish tint. It is known that
newborn unbaptized children were buried in medieval Hungary in
clay pots, and a coin was often placed inside such a vessel.
Historians suggest that in this way the deceased should
pay for entry into the next world. Dr. Beretsky being
one of the authors of the find, reports that even if the parents of the baby
failed to save his soul, then they at least left at least
some kind of heritage, which allowed later all these centuries to revive the memory
about the baby.

Meanwhile, some alternative experts suggest that
the green hand could once have for the inhabitants of the present Nyarlerintsa
mystical meaning. Presumably, in the 12th and 16th centuries in Central
Europe was believed to be a dead man’s hand
an incredibly powerful amulet to dare from home or even
the whole village is evil. Moreover, such artifacts were stored most often.
it is in the cemeteries, using them only in extreme cases.

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