�”Live” computers and mobiles, whichsurround us

Can computers and mobile devices that are now
acquired almost all the inhabitants of the Earth, have their own

If not, why do users increasingly suspect their gadgets
that each of them has its own character, momentary
moods, whims, even karmic ailments and deviations,
not treatable that in any computer or smartphone can
settle some subtle essences, like a drumstick, and so

It is on the subject of such “modern superstitions” quite recently in
UK survey was conducted, which revealed that almost
half of the users of gadgets believe all this, and the rest, as
the organizers of this experiment were suspected, they also believe, but
hard to hide their “little weakness.”

In this world, only everything is alive.

By the way, according to true clergymen, in this world
literally everything has a mind, another thing, like this mind
commensurate with ours? This is where we often make false conclusions.
and separation: it is a rational being, and it is not. Well, the “inanimate”
subjects we do not take into account at all, although it is deep

But how do these “lifeless” objects manifest their mind and their
opportunities in this world? For example, stones can move in
space, enter your mind in our sleep, something to communicate
us and so on. Household items, such as shoes, clothes,
depending on how we treat them, they can rightly and very
serve us for a long time, almost without wearing out, or, conversely,
scatter, tear and lose appearance in the shortest possible time.
A hanger, for example, is capable of a careless master even hitting
breaking off or falling for some unknown reason, and the griddle – burn your hands
careless hostess. And there are thousands of such examples – people just do not know how.
pay attention to them, believing that in this world there are
some kind of chance. And they simply do not …

Now imagine what possibilities of “communication” with a person
possess computers and mobile devices? Yes they are practically
can even talk to us, for example, writing a minute ago
idle monitor screen “Here and Here, Neo”, erase
disliked them music, not to mention the manifestation of his
character, mood and much more that everyone knows today
user of such devices.

That is why there is nothing strange and supernatural.
Today, people are intensely improving artificial intelligence,
terribly afraid of him, but at the same time without even thinking about what
consciousness in this world has literally EVERYTHING! Moreover, in the world
there is a certain hierarchy, for example, the consciousness of our planet
no comparison with the consciousness of even the most advanced
spiritual person. Only our limitations can suggest
that the earth will allow some machines to triumph on it, like
This is shown in the films “Terminator” or “The Matrix”, not to mention
Higher Mind …

Therefore, are computer programmers and masters of all kinds so superstitious?
gadgets, aware that their devices behave like reasonable
creatures? Rather, thanks to modern mobiles and AI
we may finally learn to perceive the Universe correctly,
as a single rational being, each cell of which is also
has its own mind. Just the example of shoes or clothes is
very difficult to understand. On the example of the car, say, your favorite
�”Merc” with its peculiar character is already easier, but by example
computer, not to mention the AI ​​- just elementary.

Still, it’s that: “modern superstition” or, finally,
the enlightenment of the human mind? ..

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