Live television again UFO – no longerfirst case for usa

This time in one of the Oklahoma news bulletins that
were going live, viewers were able to see how over the city on
very high speed flying clearly not terrestrial apparatus, because
not on a plane or a helicopter, much less a drone, he was
does not look like (see the video below).

This is how American viewers perceived it:

A strange aircraft was flying across the sky with such a huge
speed that seemed like some kind of celestial body falling
right on the streets of Oklahoma City.

It does not look like a meteorite, the flight path is clearly different, but
the speed of movement through the air is commensurate with the falling
space object. Obviously not a plane, then what?

Only a flying saucer can move at this speed.
aliens. It’s amazing that two months ago something like that
showed in Washington – there, too, a UFO swept on live
television, and even against the background of the Capitol building. Yes, and above
Oklahoma City they appeared too often (see video
below). Something aliens flew …

Indeed, scattered – and all over the US! For example, a resident
Pennsylvania shared his UFO video that he shot the other day
without much difficulty, since the “flying saucer” was in
the sky is relatively long, as if watching something from a height or,
on the contrary, she purposely demonstrated her presence before
by the Americans.

Some ufologists have done amazing things on the basis of all this.
Conclusion – the aliens are preparing for contact with earthlings. To assume
that twice a quarter UFO allegedly accidentally fall in the air
TV channels, the researchers do not want, because they believe that
aliens easily control the moments when they are removed, when
No, moreover, they are easily protected from the eyes of people and video cameras.
It turns out that for some reason they are actually demonstrating their
presence. And every day more persistent?

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