Living aliens are politicians and simplecommoners

Живые инопланетяне

It’s hard to believe, but there are almost half the world
million, and in Russia there are about ten thousand people sure that
that they communicated with the aliens. So, it is known that the living
aliens were the former president of Kalmykia Kirsan
Ilyumzhinov Winston Churchill and many others who wished to stay
anonymous, to politicians. What was it and was it
really? Is real contact with living aliens
available? Or maybe all these people, including politicians, just
had a vivid and disturbing dream? Ilyumzhinov, like Churchill saw
not an alien at all, but an ordinary hallucination
due to overwork from tense doing state
affairs Whatever it was, and politicians like ordinary people who joined
into contact with the alien mind with every turn of 365 days
getting bigger. And what awaits us further remains only
to guess.

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