Living Cell Nuclear Reactors – A Real Miracleof nature!

About living cell nuclear reactors, this miracle of wonders, doctor
Physics and Mathematics Vladimir Vysotsky tells how about
something ordinary and banal, although a normal person it seems
real fiction.

Just think: over the reaction of turning one element into
another, for example, lead to gold, scientists are fighting with the most ancient
times, even gave birth to such a science as alchemy, and all –
to no avail. But in a normal living cell such nuclear reactions
converting one substance into another is common. Moreover,
all this is created by nature (or God) originally, that is, like
a miracle is forever, like all the other wonders of this universe, including
and our world, as a part of it.

Unfortunately, we never admire such a miracle when
the fusion of two cells arises man. Well, born yourself and
born, what’s wrong with that? And to glance in the cage itself, which
is a huge, virtually unexplored world
(real, even micro-universe), and we are not given at all.

But Vladimir Vysotsky not only looked into this microcosm, he
I also saw something interesting there. Probably not all, either.
the secrets are open and even understood, but here are nuclear reactors of living cells
the scientist found. And this, as the professor says, is not mystical and even
not alchemical, but quite real process, fixed in
experiments conducted by his team of scientists.

Moreover, scientists were interested in this discovery not just as a scientific
fact, but also for the purpose of its practical application, for example, for
fast processing of nuclear waste, not to mention
elimination of accidents at nuclear power plants or (God forbid) cleaning
territories after the use of nuclear weapons. Picking up certain
bioculture, says Vladimir Vysotsky, you can, for example, cesium-137,
which Ukraine was “awarded” by Chernobyl, and Japan by Fukushima
a catastrophe that pretty quickly turn into a stable
(non-radioactive) barium-138. Almost a few days
can be deactivated rapidly in biological media, whereas
under normal conditions, the half-life of cesium-137 is more than 30
years old.

And this is just one example of how you can practically use
living cell nuclear reactors are a natural wonder …

We invite you to watch a wonderful documentary about
living cell life. No, there will not be a story about nuclear reactors,
however, this video perfectly shows what
this microuniverse, whose life we ​​do not even guess, although
we carry in ourselves an innumerable multitude of these same universes that
interconnected work in us as a watch, and in scale
Divine peace – eternal and endless.

Watching such films brings us closer to the understanding that
represents the universe and God himself. It brings
because our consciousness just can not comprehend and tiny
pieces of this truth. However, to strive for this is peculiar
developing soul. And one thing is great!

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