Loch Ness monster photographed for thisyear a record 9th time

Last week we wrote about 9-year-old Sam Knight, who
managed to photograph the strange sharp horn sticking out of
famous Loch Ness. Scottish professionals hunting for
evidence of the existence of Nessie, officially recognized this
This year’s 8th photo of the legendary
cryptide. This year a record was set by the number of observations
monster, and this is not the end.

Now the mysterious creature may have fallen on camera.
American tourist Diana Turner from Michigan. Despite the fact that
the photo taken on the old phone is not too high
quality, you can still clearly see on it incredibly
a long dark figure floating on the lake. Woman says that
sat in the distance and watched Loch Ness when suddenly
noticed this whopper who rose to the surface of the lake.
Startled Turner grabbed her mobile and managed to take a picture
the supposed monster before it disappeared under water again.

Mysterious image became the 9th officially documented
confirmation of Nessie’s observation this year. Most common crypto
It is shown to eyewitnesses 2-3 times a year. However, local
Lary Ness monster researcher Gary Campbell claims that
many witnesses do not even report meetings with Nessie and do not rush
capture the monster in a photo or video because they don’t believe in it
either take potentially a cryptide for logs and mountains of garbage in
water. And so would the pictures and even the videos could be where

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