Loch Ness monster recorded inAlbania

Mysterious creature, suspiciously similar to the legendary
Loch Ness monster, noticed recently in the Albanian part
European lake Prespa near the village of Pretor.

By turning on the video below, you can see how
the surface of the reservoir towers a dark head on a long neck,
leaving then under water. Record instantly scattered on
Internet, collecting a lot of views and comments.

Some Web users with irony notice that the famous
Nessie decided to leave Scotland for the winter holidays and swim
rest in warmer Albania. Skeptics claim it was
the periscope of the submarine, but none of the doubters can
say which submarine is equipped with an optical device so
oddly shaped not to mention that the submarines are
lakes do not swim.

The fact that a monster unknown to science lives in Lake Prespa,
they have been talking for many decades. About five years ago the same
head on the long neck noticed here near the Greek village

Albanian professor about his doubts about the mysteries of the lake

However, not everyone believes in the existence of a mythical cryptide.
So, Albanian professor of geography Sima Yonoski claims that
it may be a giant soma. Yonoski, by the way, first
swam in the 70s of the last century, this lake. Scientist

I remember how near the island of Mal Grad in Prespa sank
ship. Many children died. When divers were looking for corpses
dead, then suddenly stumbled upon a huge catfish. This fish
could, if desired, easily swallow an adult. Divers
They were so scared that they immediately stopped searching. It is likely that
It was precisely such a catfish that was repeatedly noticed in the Macedonian, Greek and
Albanian parts of the lake.

However, catfish, even the most gigantic, cannot show over
water your head on a relatively thin and long neck – something here
not that. However, the professor himself is not sure of his skeptical
theories are one hundred percent. Here is what he adds:

However, sometimes on Prespa there are quite
strange things that are not observed in other lakes of the world and
which is difficult to explain from a scientific point of view. For example, in 1976
when I was a teacher, I saw with my own eyes a huge
a column of water rising on the border with Greece. He went down and
completely disappeared only after 10-15 minutes. We in the Balkans in general
a lot of unusual things happen, and even scientists, including me
personally feel free to admit it.

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