Loch Ness photographedalien

The huge Loch Ness in Scotland is world famous for its
a legendary monster, but sometimes others notice here.
abnormal things. So, 38-year-old Englishman Thomas Pope from the county
Somerset recently got a mysterious photo here. The man
shot the bridge over the river, which flows into the lake, and quite by accident
imprinted on the picture something suspiciously resembling a humanoid in
futuristic spacesuit. The author of the frame says:

When I was shooting the bridge, I did not notice anything unusual on it.
After some time, I sent the resulting snapshot to a friend, and
immediately saw on him this “astronaut”. I was just amazed! There,
it turns out, in fact, there was a man in white space
space suit! It is very strange. The only rational explanation
which I could find happening, is that in Loch Ness fell
a spacecraft, and one of its crew members climbed onto land.
But this is impossible, since such would be spoken of on all the news.
Even more surprising is that I did not notice this person during
filming as if he was invisible to my eyes. Yes, and whether it was
person? Maybe it turned out to be an alien who visited our
the planet? Such a thought even scares me a little, because I was
нескольких метрах от этого призрака-alien.

Thomas Pope recalls the story of the so-called “Solway Fert
cosmonaut. In 1964, near the English village
Burg-by-Sands ethnographer Jim Templeton photographed his daughter
Elizabeth. In one of the photos behind the girl unexpectedly imprinted
tall humanoid figure in a white spacesuit (see this
snapshot a little higher). Templeton swore and swore that when he did this
photo, I did not see anything like that nearby. This snapshot
still considered one of the most impressive images
aliens Perhaps Pope’s mysterious frame will also gain
similar glory. What do you think was on the bridge in
shooting time? ..

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