Lockheed Martin will create the Martian spacestation?

While among the countries participating in the project “International
space station “- there is a discussion of future plans, that is,
close the ISS or continue its work after completion
planned work period, many states, for example,
Russia, China, Japan, the United States are already thinking about space stations
The moon and even the red planet.

For example, the company Lockheed Martin recently presented a project
The COP, which can be placed in Mars orbit in the near
the future (at least, the designers themselves are somehow
sure one hundred percent).

The Martian project already has a name – Mars Base Camp. In addition to the
the station he assumes the MADV apparatus, by which the astronauts
can periodically descend to the surface of the Red Planet.
Quadruple module, for soft landing it is planned
use engines like the ones that are involved today on
Falcon 9, and NASA Orion ship will become the prototype of the device itself.
MADV will operate on liquid oxygen or hydrogen. Everything
the necessary components can be obtained from water, splitting it with
using solar energy.

In the long run, Lockheed Martin plans to
develop another transport spacecraft necessary for
delivery to his Martian space station water, rather
all, from the nearest asteroids.

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