Londoner in honor of Christmas painted142 km snowman

A resident of the English capital, Anthony Hoyt used his own
bike and the popular mobile application “Strava” to
draw a 142-kilometer virtual snowman, thereby
sharing with your fellow countrymen your Christmas mood
presenting them with such a unique gift in a bright Christian
holiday. The day before yesterday, the Londoner got on his two-wheeled friend and
more than 10 hours went through the city. Smartphone in his pocket continuously
fixed at this time the entire route through the satellite system

As a result, a man made a journey of almost a hundred and fifty
kilometers, depicting on a map of the huge metropolis
a smiling snowman with a top hat and a scarf. Art
drawing such paintings originated recently and got
unofficial name strava-art. According to Anthony, to achieve
the best result is to choose a place with a high
by concentrating the roads and determining on the map where it is better to portray
conceived image.

Hoyt says:

I wanted to do something unusual for the New Year holidays, and
the result repeatedly exceeded my highest expectations. Idea with
I had a snowman before last Christmas, but I
ill and could not then bring it to life. It took me
more than 10 hours, I spent all day on it and did everything like
it says in one sitting. True, sometimes I stopped to
pop into the public toilet, or if you were driving in the wrong
direction. But the route was very large, and so easy
flaws on it are completely invisible.

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