Lonely dolphin pesters visitorsfrench beach

Near the French maritime village of Landevennek, which is located in
Brittany a few weeks ago the lonely appeared in the sea
the three-meter male dolphin, who literally began to ask for
friendship to the resting people on the beach.

Initially, residents of the village and guests of the village were concerned with this.
joy and even considerable glee: Imagine you suddenly
fortunate enough to mingle with a dolphin in a sea that behaves
friendly, albeit rather playful. Sea guest immediately received
Name – Zafar. Especially he liked teens who get the hand
even ride a dolphin.

However, Zafar soon became so accustomed among the swimmers
people that have become too pristavuchim, why many vacationers have become
be afraid to go into the sea. Moreover, the dolphin began to interfere
swim not only people, but also boats, motor boats. And then
local head Roger Lars closed the beach for holidaymakers because
considered a dolphin dangerous to human life.

Biologists are sure that Zafara for some unknown reason rejected
a flock, and therefore he languishes alone, seeking any communication with the living
intelligent beings. Yes, he to some extent shows
�“Sexual harassment,” however, this is nothing more than a caress, a very
similar to the cat. But we are not chasing the mocking and clinging to
we are a cat …

For this reason, experts criticize Roger Lars for his
the prohibition of swimming and communicating with the dolphin – this is not only
no danger, scientists say, but even a hint of something
indecent – just Zafaru is very lonely, and people in this case
can help him, especially considering that the majority of holidaymakers
perceives a cute sea animal with joy. And those who do not
like his “pestering”, can not swim, and for this you do not need
even a ban by local government …

But … a decree has already been issued that threatens a fine to anyone who
voluntarily approaching and playing with Zafar. Strange decree, consider
oceanologists …

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