Long cigar-shaped UFO hiding in the cloudsbelow ISS

Taiwan ufologist Scott Waring, known to users
The Internet as one of the leading researchers of the paranormal,
including aliens, discovered a huge UFO near the ISS. That’s what
He wrote in the comments to his video:

That day I watched the live broadcast from the cameras
space station, recording everything on a computer like
suddenly “caught” a cigar-shaped object, which, in my estimation,
maybe about a mile in length. True, he was
relatively far from the ISS, and therefore accurately determine its size
difficult. I put a screenshot in the corner to make it easier to view.
what got into my “networks”.

Note that this is the only material on the Internet from Scott
over the past few months. Since 2010, the famous ufologist led
published a very interesting site “UFO Sightings Daily” on which
a lot of materials about UFOs, aliens and other abnormal
phenomena, when suddenly … he closed his resource, practically without any
explanations, writing only that this is his last post and that he
thanks his followers for seven years of support.

Not by chance, the World Wide Web users pushed
the assumption that Scott is one of the secret services (world
government) just silenced and shut down his site,
surely annoying the powerful
control information about aliens. Scott Waring himself
some time explained his “care” to the fact that people are mostly not
they take seriously what he has been doing all this time.

However, his current publication of a UFO video suggests the opposite:
he is interested in this subject as before. So or who cut the wings
famous ufologist, tireless Taiwanese researcher
paranormal phenomena? ..

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