Lottery – a tax on stupidity

We already wrote on our site about lotteries and big winnings,
who rarely brought the expected happiness. But is it possible
generally win the lottery? Journalists “KP” held their
investigation after the biggest winnings in recent years
in half a billion rubles, inherited from Natalia, a Voronezh pensioner
Vlasova. It turned out that she still has not received her money,
although after the New Year’s congratulatory hype in the press, the company
�”Stoloto” collected from the population at a time more than 2 billion

Is it worth playing such games of chance? It turns out – in no way
case, and for good reasons.

Lottery without proper state supervision

Despite the fact that “Stoloto”, covering 90 percent
of the Russian lottery market is considered a public matter (one
only the slogan is worth – “State Lottery”), in fact
In fact, this is a private company owned by billionaire Vahan
Gevorkian. The Finance Ministry explained to the journalists “KP” that according to
lottery law can only be state, and therefore
�Stoloto is just a distributor. However, control of this
�For some reason no “distributor”, “Stoloto” deducts only 5
percent on the development of sports, and even then this money for some reason
sent to private companies, and not go directly to the budget of the country.
Therefore, no statehood in this lottery does not smell –
ordinary private shop with all the attendant
the consequences.

Lottery is always a conflict of interest

The game business is the same everywhere: 50 percent of the collected
money goes to winnings, the rest – to the cashier of the organizer, who
spends them on current expenses and has a net profit from them.
For example, Stoloto earned 10 billion rubles in 2016,
net profit is designated in 560 million rubles, however
spent the remaining 9.5 billion rubles – no one knows.
It is impossible to check how much money is given to the “lucky ones” …

As says the creator of the portal “Lokhotrona.Net” Igor Kopakov,
the gaming business in Russia is not transparent, and it’s also a monopoly
while in the world in any country several large companies
are engaged in this business, and we have one. Therefore, even realizing that
�”Stoloto” flouts, a simple Russian citizen still has nowhere to go, and
gambling is in our blood …

The theory of large numbers debunks the lottery as a source

Any mathematician in two accounts will prove to you that to win a major
kushi in the lottery is unrealistic, it turns out one lucky lot
million suckers. It is not by chance that some gamblers
start investing huge amounts of money in this business
account, remain with nothing. Let’s say I spent 100 thousand, and
won less than 50 thousand. If a person starts to persist, then
loses every penny.

But even winning by chance millions, they still need to get. Not
by chance the journalists of “KP” decided to trace whether Natalya would get
Vlasov, their half a billion rubles, as the second lucky from
Nizhny Novgorod, which recently hit the jackpot in the amount of 267
million rubles in the lottery “6 out of 45”. This is why normal people
The lottery is very negative, considering that it is a tax on
stupidity, not to mention the fact that such “easy money”, suddenly
fallen on the head of a person rarely bring happiness, rather
turn into serious problems, and even real ills.

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