Louis Hamon – the greatest palmist of allof time

Louis Hamon is the first palmists in the world to whom this mysterious
the craft brought immense fame. Brilliant seer lacked
one look at the human palm to predict exactly
the fate of his client, including the reason and time of his death.
Hamon foresaw and his own inglorious demise, but never
managed to deceive fate.

In fact, his name was William John Warner. Was born
the future great palmist on November 1, 1866. in a small Irish
a village near Dublin. William’s father was English, mother –
a Frenchwoman, in whose veins flowed a lot of gypsy blood. Mother
the first to see on the palm of the boy is a special sign that promised him
owner of extraordinary abilities and rich in bright events
a life. Being incurably ill, the woman asked for her son immediately after
her demise go to london in order to find a teacher who
Will devote William in the fundamentals of palmistry, astrology and numerology.
The young man fulfilled the last will of the mother exactly.

The formation of the great palmist

Famous astrologer became the mentor of William John
Greg Dawson. After studying with him for about two years, Warner realized that
he surpassed the famous master in the occult sciences and is ready
go further, and therefore went to India.

The new teacher of the young man was the Indian Brahmin, the owner of the Bombay
bookshop. He was a connoisseur of manuscripts and master of palmistry.
Mentor introduced his student to a very ancient stunning
a book dedicated to the art of fortune telling.

After several years in India, Warner decided
return to Europe. Witnessing him, the Brahmin said that William
will be a great predictor. The only thing he shouldn’t
doing so is taking a lot of money for your craft, otherwise it
a wonderful gift will be gone …

The beginner predictor changed his simple name and became
Louis Hamon, appropriating at the same time the title of count. Wide
fame Earl Hamon brought in 1880. killing the rich
a london businessman when the palmist pointed out his killer
only one bloodied imprint left by a criminal on
the doors. С этого of timeи дела молодого прорицателя пошли в гору, и на
the turn of XIX – XX centuries, Louis Hamon reached great fame. Palmist
знался со многими выдающимися соof timeниками, начиная с легендарной
Mats Hari and ending by the Prince of Wales. In this case, the graph
absolutely accurately guessed the details of their life, “reading” the lines on

The public was frightened by the inevitability with which the predictions came true
Hamona about death. For example, the Italian king Umberto I died, as
and predicted the palmist at the hands of a terrorist. Earl predicted sad
the demise of Oscar Wilde, which follows prison and poverty,
the murder of Gregory Rasputin, the loss of life and the family of Nicholas II in

Louis Hamon spoke about his foresight of the Russian revolution,
World War II and even the founding of the state of Israel.
It is curious that in the autobiographical book “Confession. Memoirs
соof timeного провидца» граф писал, что сам себя считает скорее
psychic, than just a palmist, and the lines on the palms, like
horoscopes, – this is only an instrument of knowledge of the truth …

Even the great palmist cannot escape from fate

Knowing your own destiny Hamon, and in the mid 1920s
he decided to go to the USA. New York reporters,
who met the overseas prophet, asked him
demonstrate your amazing ability. Count offered
handprints of different people – and he accurately guessed their fate, calling
details that simply could not know.

Based in Hollywood, Louis Hamon began to take
numerous customers eager to lift the curtain of the future for
any money. Pricing popular in the bohemian palmist
steadily grew. Unusual business brought considerable profit, and
Jamon wanted to believe that he outwitted fate. However, in 1929
idyll over and over when came to visit the soothsayer
Henry Ford.

Like many, an American industrialist wanted to know that
waiting for him on the path of life. Looking at the palm of the tycoon, Jamon
felt the earth go out from under him: all the lines on his arm
merged into one and “erased” the remaining signs … A brilliant gift, like
was once predicted, disappeared without a trace!

In 1936 Louis Hamon, self-appointed earl and former great prophet,
died at the Red Cross Hospital for the poor. Losing ability and
having lost his fortune, he got into big debts. As follows from
of the nurse’s memories, the heart of the great palmist stopped at
one o’clock in the morning, and at that time the clock in the chamber instead of one
three times …

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