Lovers photographed ghostly grayHuman

Couple in love, recently visited during their journey
South Carolina, made a mysterious picture there that deserves
attention of anyone interested in paranormal phenomena.

Johnny Cobb and his girlfriend April Walker are in town
North Myrtle Beach, where they stayed in a hotel near the ocean.
A few days ago, our heroes at night came out on the hotel balcony and
photographed a completely deserted pier in the light of street lamps
– it was a fantastically beautiful and charming sight. Here is
only later it turned out that the pier could not be
empty. When Americans viewed the next day received
on the eve of the shot, we were surprised to find a pale on the pier
a human figure that was not there at the time of shooting. By
at least, lovers did not notice her.

Johnny and April got in touch with reporters and they talked about
mysterious incident in the news. Media staff interviewed
the local “ghostly” guide Mike Neff, who told
the viewers are very interesting information that adds to this
an extra piquancy story.

By его словам, здешние пляжи, а значит и пирсы возле них,
inhabited by immigrants from the other world, and the most famous of them
is the so-called Gray Man. If you believe the city
legends, this ghost every time appears near the water before
by hurricanes on the coast. This is quite curious with
given the fact that weather forecasters just predict in the city
North Myrtle Beach is soon the beginning of the storm season …

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