Luna continues to throw ufologistsriddles

This time, the famous ufologist George Graham, hosting host
YouTube channel Streetcap1, discovered on the moon another riddle in
as a huge artificial structure, or a giant
alien ship.

Virtual archaeologists find all this, of course, only on
photos provided to them by official sources, for example,
Google Moon online or NASA site, other resources
space agencies of the world. At the same time, the sources themselves (or rather,
employees of these sources) are criticized for withholding
secret information about space, in particular, about the moon.

The video that George Graham traditionally created for more
visual story about the new riddle of the moon, you can really
to see something unusual – obviously man-made structure or
really some kind of aircraft.

But for whom is it of interest? Only for beginners in
ufology, since the burnt bison conspiracy theorists have long been closed
the question is whether there are aliens on the moon and in general that it is itself
presents? For them, the Moon is definitely an artificial satellite,
hollow inside and with such a hard outer shell that all craters
on it for this reason they have the same depth (see the title
photo), despite the different size, and therefore different
the magnitude and strength of the fall of meteorites (materials about it in the web
Internet is very much).

But what is interesting: the question of the artificial origin of the moon
like everyone is clear, for sure, and to Graham himself, who is not
You can call it a green youth in Ufology, but it remains a mystery that
these objects are constantly caught in the lens of orbital cameras
satellites, telescopes and so on? Do they scatter on the moon
aliens, and for a long time and it is not clear for what purpose …

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