Lunar eclipse July 27, 2018 – at what time,where it will be visible, influence on the person

Lunar eclipse July 27, 2018 - at what time, where it will be visible, influence on the person

In 2018, a unique lunar eclipse will occur, which
last 1 hour and 43 minutes. It will be possible to observe him in the sky
from 20:13 Moscow time, and it will end at 2:31. Moon
fully closed at 22:30 to 01:14 at night. This lunar eclipse
will happen on July 27, 2018 and will be observed throughout the world,
except North America.

Astrologers warn that this eclipse especially. Him
the action can be displayed on humans and the planet coming 20
years old.

В этот день Moon находится на юге, поэтому вид без препятствий
allows you to get a clean spacious area without trees and
buildings. July 27 is a very busy day, which will be displayed in
energy plan for health, luck and success. Mars on this day
will be 4 times closer to Earth. This event occurs once per
15 years old. The planet in the sky will be noticeable with its bright fiery color.
It will be close to 58 million kilometers from 228 km. Mars can
will be seen in the south above the horizon. Him время приближения
coincides with the eclipse. It is important that the sky was clear on this day

It is known that the lunar eclipse falls at the full moon, which
also happens very rarely. The energy of the moon will be global

Human impact

On such a special day, when a lunar eclipse competes with
opposition to the planet mars, a lot of events will happen and
situations. Astrologers focus on what is needed
control your emotions and try not to get into conflict in
this day. In order not to scare away luck and happiness, should be the maximum
be happy and joyful, give others a smile.

On July 27, a sudden change in mood may occur, which
not everyone can control. Must not be sharp
actions that can be regretted in the future.

All negotiations and plans are best postponed for some time.
Astrologers advise to limit flights from July 27 to
the end of the month. Possible accidents are becoming more frequent these days.
air transport.

Recreation, meditation and future plans will be an excellent option.
pondering all situations and writing their decision on paper.

You must be very careful about your loved ones, to show
love and care. All changes should be postponed for other days. Highly
health may suffer greatly. Lunar eclipse will affect
sensitive people. Problems will manifest in the form of headaches,
nausea, vomiting, irregular pressure.

All mood changes and health changes a person will feel.
three days before the event, and another three days after will feel not
comfortable Better warn yourself, drink relaxing teas and
get enough sleep

Rituals and signs in the lunar eclipse July 27, 2018

It is best to take a shower before a lunar eclipse. 15 minutes before
the peak itself must be washed. Then put three on the table.
glasses filled with water.

Next, take a round mirror and put it reflection up.
The mirror here is the symbol of the moon. Now it should be 15 minutes to
eclipses meditate and chase away all negative: diseases
misfortune, lack of money. Further, after the eclipse, 15 minutes
To represent only all positive for themselves. Should think about
good, to say that everything goes, wealth and love comes,
health and happiness.

Then you should drink water from the glass on the left, and so on in a circle,
moving on all three glasses. Take a mirror and wash it with water.

By law, all actions that a person has performed will go according to
circle and boomerang back to the person who asked for good things.
They should increase many times and increase the opportunity to become
happier and better, to everyone who produced them.

During the lunar eclipse, you can’t create families and go to
church. There is also a sign that the conception of a child will bring trouble and
diseases. The child will take away the worst qualities from the parents.

You can never lend and take money into an eclipse. it
will end in financial collapse, and luck will go into the wrong hands. Better not
make big purchases and try not to spend money in this

It is better to postpone the visit to the doctor, since the diagnosis may not be
faithful and treatment will not help.

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