Magical rite of rejuvenation

This story, which happened many years ago, was told by a resident
Kandalaksha city Leonid Korshinin.

In 1956 Lenin’s mother left for Norwegian for two years
Svalbard Island, and the son sent to her grandmother. She lived in a small
Kazakh village, 50 kilometers from Almaty.

In the international village

In addition to Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians, Chechens, and exiles lived in the village.
Germans and Uighurs. Lyonya easily fit into the local
International Vataghu boys, worn all day in the village.
But his closest friend was Uighur boy Suleiman,
whose name was abbreviated as Sulka.

Next to Lenina’s grandmother there was a middle-aged married couple,
Both husband and wife are Uighurs. For some reason, the grandmother in the village was called a witch. BUT
however, she really looked like her.

… The summer was ending, the villagers were harvesting in their gardens and
garden gardens. For juvenile tomboy too hot time came: in
that time for some reason it was decided to carry other people’s vegetables and fruits
(perhaps, according to the principle “Others taste better”). In short, Lenya and
Sulka decided to climb into the garden of the elderly Uigurs.

There was no electricity in the village at that time, and people were early
went to bed. Lenka waited until his grandmother fell asleep, and
crawled out the window, behind which his faithful friend was already waiting. Night was
clear, from the sky looked the full moon …

Night trip, which turned out to be a mystery

The boys carefully crossed the grandmother’s yard and crept to
Neighboring half meter fence. Crouching behind him, began
inspect someone else’s estate …

Suddenly, they noticed an old Uighur man leaning over
a huge wooden trough that lay on the ground. The guys became
curious: what does this grandfather do in the middle of the night? BUT тот, оказывается,
sprinkled wheat into the trough. When it is full of grain,
an old woman appeared at home and suddenly began to undress …

Taking off all her clothes, her grandmother lay down in a huge bowl and
began to dig in the wheat. The old man helped her until
until it completely disappeared in the grain. Then the Uigur silently
turned around and left.

Frightened and confused, the boys sat, afraid to move.
In order to climb into someone else’s garden for the “prey”, they have not
thought. It would be best, of course, to escape quietly, but something
kept them in place, perhaps children’s curiosity …

Suddenly Lenya and Sulka saw that the grain in the trough began
to move, from it seemed someone’s body. It was so scary
that the guys caught their breath. Meanwhile, from the trough rose …
young girl. Having hands on his naked slim body,
the beauty slowly went to the house. As soon as she disappeared with
the eye, like Lenya and Sulka, without saying a word, was in a full jerk

Rejuvenation for a month

The boys decided not to tell anyone what they saw: not only
they will not believe, they will even laugh.

BUT несколько дней спустя Ленька узнал от своей бабушки, что
Uigur neighbor went to visit relatives. But grandfather is not
один, потому что из BUTлма-BUTты в село приехала внучка. A week later
Lenka met this neighbor’s granddaughter on the street. Above the upper lip
the girl had a black mole, the same as
Uigur grandmother.

Lenkino curiosity turned out to be stronger than fear, and he began
watch your strange neighbors. The boy saw with
over time, the appearance of the girl changed: her skin began to fade and
acquire a yellowish tint, the beauty in his eyes grew older.
Finally, one day, grandmother told Lenka that their old neighbor
вернулась домой, внучка же погостила и уехала в BUTлма-BUTту. but
Lenka knew what really happened. The boy had no doubt
that a month ago he and his faithful friend Sulka witnessed
magical rite of rejuvenation …

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