Malaysian driver met one four timessame woman on the same road

A curious video appeared on the World Wide Web.
March 28, at about half past four in the morning. Reported that
The material was received on one of the roads of Malaysia by a DVR
passing through her car.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see these
mysterious footage with his own eyes. The owner of the car is convinced that he
That night the real ghost met, and he is very
happy to stay alive after that. According to local beliefs,
to meet a ghost is considered at best a bad omen, and in
the worst – the phantom will certainly attack you and take your soul.

Mystical woman scared the Malaysian to death
the driver

The Malaysian says that at that moment he was driving home. AT
for a certain moment he noticed a woman in a red sweater at the curb and
a spotted dress that walked slowly along the road and was turned to
his back. Due to the high level of crime in the country, our hero
I was afraid to offer to throw a stranger. The man drove on, and
after a couple of turns, he saw something that he definitely had on his back
ran a chill. AT свете фар показалась женщина, выглядевшая точно
same. She had the same figure, the same hair, and was dressed
like the previous one. ATодитель стал успокаивать себя, что это просто
a great coincidence, but in the depths of my soul I suspected something was wrong.

Imagine the shock of our hero, when moving forward along the road,
he saw this woman again, and then again! So she
turned out to be on a dark track four times! AT последний раз дама
appeared right in front of the car and just walked leisurely along the carriageway
parts. ATидео заканчивается тем, что автомобилист при виде такой
The picture unfolds back. According to an Asian, he turned on
country road and swiftly drove away. Sinister stranger
no longer disturbed him, although he now tried not to look at all
on both sides. Malaysian still can not recover after

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