Man-made “sounds from nowhere” whose natureremains a mystery to scientists

The phenomenon of mysterious sounds, the source of which is impossible
determine attracted public attention after
1903 Nature magazine has published an article by a British naturalist
TB Smit

While in India, Smith was walking along the banks of the Ganges. It was quiet
sunny weather. Suddenly, from somewhere, there was a crash similar to
artillery volleys. However, in these places there could be no
artillery, from residents of nearby villages and firearms
weapons rarely met. As soon as Smith entered the village of Berisal,
as it rattled very close. All villagers are in a fright
boosted from homes. The naturalist went to that side
where the menacing roar was heard, but there was only a wild
terrain A little time later, the same sounds began to be heard.
on the other hand.

Puzzled, Smith sought clarification from the authorities, however
the local authorities only shrugged. Later, the scientist wrote in
the article that the sounds alternately approached and removed were heard
now on the left, then on the right. With such a speed is simply impossible
drag and drop artillery pieces.

Smith’s publication aroused great interest. Appeared
testimonies of people who also heard “sounds from nowhere.”

At the beginning of the last century, the phenomenon that received the name
�”Berisal sounds”, interested young Belgian physicist
Ernest van den Broek. The scientist believed that this is the result
atmospheric electrical discharges. Brooke came to places where
This phenomenon manifested itself, studied philosophical and scientific works about
natural phenomena. He found out, in particular, what about the mysterious
medieval authors wrote sounds already …

New “sounds from nowhere”

Subsequently, to the evidence gathered by Brooke was added
a number of new ones. So, for ten years (1920-1930) living in
New York City people even got used to the emerging
periodically sounds. They called this rumble “the guns of the lake
Seneca. Heard him claimed to understand where they “shoot”
�”Guns” was impossible …

In the US state of Connecticut, near the city
East Haddam, the sounds of invisible explosions were so strong that
many took them for the forerunners of the earthquake …

More than once, “Berisal sounds” were fixed above the ocean. So in
1980 the crew of the corvette “San Marino” on a clear day heard a strange
cannonad over the Atlantic in the northern tropic. By order of
Captain D. Vergani Corvette deviated from the course. Adjoining
the water area was thoroughly examined, however the source of the mysterious
no sound was found.

In 1922 Nizhny Novgorod newspaper wrote that residents of the suburbs
heard at all something similar to the roar of many machines
giant plant. Where is this from? ..

And the roar, and glow

Unexplained sounds are sometimes accompanied by light effects.
So in 1974г. in the mountains of Berwain, in Wales (United Kingdom), on
cloudless evening sky eyewitnesses observed a large green-blue
the band, after which silence was broken by terrible peals of thunder, from
which laid ears. Police decided that uphill with a crash
a meteorite crashed, and went to the supposed epicenter
disaster, however, nothing unusual there is not found. Later in these
there were several expeditions for the same purpose, but also
to no avail.

And on August 6, 1976. amazing phenomenon repeated again.
Light radiation, which lasted a few minutes, saw almost all
Wales, and the rumble of people heard within a radius of ten miles. At the epicenter,
as witnesses of this phenomenon said, he was so powerful that
the ground shook as if with a strong quake. In this case, no thunderstorms,
no earthquakes in the mountains of Berwain at this time recorded not
It was…

Mythical shelling

An interesting case occurred in 1971. with the Indian military
by plane. It happened in the valley of the Ganges, that is, where
once “Berisal sounds” heard naturalist Smith. On the radio pilot
reported that he sees an incomprehensible pink glow in the sky. From the earth to him
ordered to try to determine the cause of the glow, carefully
coming close to him. A few minutes later an alarmed pilot
reported that his plane was shelled from the ground and he distinctly
distinguishes anti-aircraft salvos. Negotiating dispatcher also heard
other sounds in the speakers.

The connection was suddenly interrupted, after which the plane began to lose sharply.
height. The pilot did not have time to eject, and the winged car
crashed into the ground. Inspection of aircraft wreckage signs
shelling did not reveal, and could not be in this area any
anti-aircraft installations. Plane crash remains an unsolved mystery

Ringing chains from the ground

As information accumulated, they began to emerge
separate features of the phenomenon. It turns out, “sounds from nowhere”
may occur both in the lower and upper atmospheric layers. TO
For example, people talked about the rumble that was heard from
cloudless sky over their heads, or, on the contrary, when the sky
covered a dense layer of clouds. At the same time, the roar was not like
peals familiar to us thunder

�”Berisal sounds” also emanate from the ground, accompanied by
sometimes the vibration of the soil. No wonder people feel at the same time.
fear and even panic. However, wherever these
sounds, all eyewitnesses speak of their pronounced “man-made”
character, which is very different from all known to us
natural noise.

TO примеру, неподалеку от Харькова из-под земли регулярно
beats are heard. They are repeated in equal seconds
intervals, and from this it seems that the anvil beats
huge hammer. In Altai, there is also a place where underground sounds are heard.
clanging sounds, as if from a giant stone crushing machine. With
This clanging is joined by the ringing of dragging chains.

Night sounds driving you crazy

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