Many Americans, having seen numerous UFOs,scared of the alien invasion of Earth

In the US, seeing and filming a UFO has become easier than getting
truthful information in the media. Moreover, both that and another, remaining under
the big issue of credibility scares Americans practically
the same – first of all, unpredictable consequences.

Here is the new “alien obsession” that was shot in the sky above
Florida, somehow perceived by Americans as the beginning
alien invasions with their armada of space ships.
Indeed, on a blue sky background (see video)
Moves a number of mysterious white objects.

Moreover, such a miracle happened over the resort
Deerfield Beach, where people relax and have more fun than
work. This allowed many eyewitnesses to shoot an amazing armada.
ships on video.

As the author of the video, which we offer your
attention, at this time in the sky was absolutely pure – no planes,
no drones. And suddenly these white UFOs appeared, a lot, and
the location was constantly changing, as if the armada was lined up
and rebuilt in the sky with some specific tasks,
perhaps military sense.

Some users of the English-speaking segment of the World Wide Web
(probably, again, the Americans) even saw the video
opening portal, from where they say this string appeared
Alien Aircraft – Alien Fleet
believed began preparations for the invasion of Earth.

It is not clear where people have such confidence (fear) that
aliens will conquer our planet like this primitive
way (war of the worlds), like the way we ourselves conduct the earthly
war? According to experienced ufologists and conspiracy therapists, we have long been
�”Colonized” by aliens, perhaps for many millennia over
we are conducting an experiment. Therefore, fear the invasion of the military
alien spaceships – as naive as to assume that we
we live in a matrix created by an unknown person and why, because
the divine world and so – the greatest matrix, only without
failures in computer programs.

However, a whole armada of UFOs is quite interesting and
unusually. And most importantly, why exactly over the United States
are there such “surprises”? Is it because the aliens in
their mysterious experiment for us is preparing this country for some
severely challenged? ..

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