Many people foresee major disasters in theirdreams

Pre-cognitive dreams are a form of
extrasensory perception of the world, when an individual sees in his
dreams различные события, которым суждено случиться в будущем. More often
it’s all about incidents that happen to him or him
familiar, but sometimes a person opens up in this state and scenes
upcoming global disasters.

Specialists from New Zealand conducted a large-scale study and
determined that every major tragedy in the history of mankind was
предварительно увидена различными людьми в их dreams, причем процент
such prophetic dreams are quite high.

Can humankind rely on prophetic dreams to
prevent disaster?

Wars, natural and man-made disasters, terrorist acts –
all this could be prevented by listening to certain
people who say they foresee a catastrophe in a dream. But did
scientists or rescuers will believe you if you say that
tomorrow in your country will begin a devastating earthquake? BUT
when it comes to terrorist attacks, it’s better to keep quiet,
otherwise there is every chance to spend in the investigative
isolators, and then in prison.

In May 1978, American David Booth saw
реалистичный сон, в котором падает на землю самолет «BUTмериканских
Airlines, departing from the 0’Hara airport. The man was so
struck by what he saw that the same day he decided to call
airline and tell its staff about your dream. how
It is not difficult to guess, no one believed him. BUT на следующий день
flight DS-10 crashed out of this very
airport. Fortunately, experts have proven that the fault was not
terrorist attack, and bad weather. Bout has caused huge intelligence services
suspicion, but it was simply impossible to impute anything to him. BUT если
would it have been a terrorist attack?

David was upset about what happened and blamed himself for not
able to prevent the death of 273 people. However that he could in
really do? Вот если бы в СШBUT существовало
some kind of “prediction bureau” whose employees could
compare information from the sleep of Bout and his ilk with
meteorological forecasts, possible terrorist attacks and so on, then
a plane crash could probably have been prevented.

Studies that do not go beyond the theory

New Zealanders are also turning to the study of French
astronomer and writer Camille Flammarion (1842-1925), who
claimed that the soldiers in World War I sent their
Native telepathic messages from the battlefields. In his book, Death
and her mysteries “in 1921, the Frenchman says that many widows
orphaned children and grieved parents wrote to him, as they saw in
своих dreams ужасающие сцены кровавых сражений, в которых погибали их
native. Subsequently, it turned out that these were prophetic dreams.

In the 60s, the British psychiatrist JC Barker gathered several
сведений от людей, которые предвидели в своих dreams знаменитую
Трагедию в BUTберфане. В октябре 1966 года в уэльской деревне BUTберфан
a rock dump fell, causing the death of 28 adults and
116 children. One would think that psychiatric patients were lying
ему, рассказывая о вещих dreams, которых не было на самом деле,
However, it is not. All these personalities told Dr. Barker that
saw in a dream how mine collapsed, a few days before the tragedy,
and not after it.

Experts still can not accurately say what
such supernatural prophetic dreams are: random fragments
information that accidentally gets into our subconscious from the future,
or targeted signs from above to urge us to
action. Nobody knows if you can really use
prekknitsiyu to prevent terrible events, or our future
completely predetermined and not subject to change.

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