Many people have found a mysterious scar onindex finger

Russian journalist Oleg Kashin made a rather unusual
opening. Our compatriot paid attention to what has
scar on the side of the third phalanx of the left index finger.
However, the publicist does not remember injuring his hand in this place.
He accidentally mentioned this fact with his friends, and they unexpectedly
also found a similar scar in the same place. Obviously
that it cannot be a mere coincidence.

Kashin spoke about his find to Runet users, and hundreds
Russian men bombarded the journalist with photos of their fingers from
mysterious scar. In some, it is convex and very noticeable, in
others are rather light, almost indistinguishable. At first
it was assumed that such a “anomaly” endowed only representatives
strong sex, but it soon became clear that many women also
are the owners of the “scar”, the appearance of which they can not
to explain.

However, there were also know-it-all commentators, who immediately
tried to find this mysterious phenomenon rational or at least
some explanation. Some of them believe that right-handed people are easily hurt.
This place is a knife or other tool (see photo a little
above). For others, we are talking about a rudiment unknown to science.
Finally, some others hypothesize that individuals with a scar on
finger were marked by higher powers.

Anyway, the mystery of the newly discovered phenomenon has already occupied the minds,
not only Russians, but also residents abroad, who also
стали находить у себя непонятный шрам на index finger левой

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