Marine drone with the proud name “Vityaz”will be online broadcast from the Mariana Trench

We have already reported that next fall, Russian scientists
plan to begin a full-scale study of the Mariana Trench,
what is in the pacific ocean and is the deepest and most mysterious
point on earth.

RIA Novosti told journalists about this in detail.
Litvinenko, who headed the project team of the Fund for Perspectives
research. However, today it became known that studying the Mariana
hollow Russian scientists will be using a marine drone
�”Knight”, which will consist of two components. Its base
the station will sink to a depth of eleven thousand meters, and the second
the device, located within a radius of 150 kilometers, will lead
online broadcast from the greatest abyss of the oceans, and these
Unique videos can be viewed by each user.
The internet.

Russian scientists plan to lower the bottom of the Mariana Trench
also a ground station for various scientific studies, including
purposes of working out the technologies needed to create underwater
robotics of the future.

But this is all in general and general, however many researchers
especially those who are not dependent on orthodox science hope first
queue that impending immersion in this “damn abyss”
will open the secrets of the depths of the oceans.

Recall that the study of the Mariana Trench began as early as
late XIX century, however, the technology of that time did not even allow
lower the equipment below 8184 meters, not to mention
other disadvantages of such a study. In the XX century (1960)
The most comprehensive survey of the Pacific abyss was conducted by the Soviet
scientists using the bathyscaphe “Trieste”. However, when the unit reached
the hollow of the day, something incomprehensible began – there was a rattle, as if
someone sawing metal. At the same time, the video equipment recorded
vague silhouettes of some mythical multi-headed snakes. Was taken
the decision to raise the bathyscaphe, and when he was already on deck
a research vessel, scientists were waiting for a real shock: plating
the apparatus was crushed, and a metal cable of 20 centimeters
diameter is half sawn …

However, in 2012, James fell into the Mariana Trench
Cameron, a famous American filmmaker, and he declared that
I saw no monsters there. At the same time, for some reason, I made a reservation that
in this abyss you immediately recall the flight into space of Yuri Gagarin.
What did Cameron mean to say, the researchers are still guessing
because no comment and explanation from the director on this
about not received.

Let’s hope that the online broadcast of the greatest abyss
World Ocean will clarify the situation, dispel myths or, conversely,
confirm the highest expectations …

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