Mars found the head of an ancient Roman statue

The virtual archeologists did the next “antique” discovery on
surface of the red planet. Famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott
Waring looked at the pictures taken by NASA’s “Curiosity” rover,
and suddenly (for us) noticed an anomaly on one of them. Among
Martian stones discovered a strange object, suspiciously
resembling the head of a certain ancient Roman statue. Researcher
convinced that before us is an artifact of an alien civilization that lies
there are many centuries or even millennia.

Skeptics and they admit that if this is a paradolic illusion,
it is quite impressive. On the photos obtained by the rover, you can
distinctly consider helmet, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, mustache, beard and
hair of a supposed fragment of an ancient sculpture.

Someone will say it looks too good to be true,
however, according to the Taiwanese, he was not at all surprised by his
discovery. On Mars, they say, scattered a great many similar
artifacts. How many of them are found on the photographs sent
American rover, it’s hard to even count! Is it really no one
convincing that the Red Planet was once inhabited? Maybe
inhabited now? ..

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