Mars gathered to brew beer

�Anheuser-Busch is the largest in America and the second largest in
the world brewing company – decided to expand the market and produce
their products … on mars.

Of course, with the current development of space technology, this
is still pure fantasy, but the Americans really want,
so that the famous (for someone – sadly) “Budweiser” became the first
delusions of beer, which will try on the Red Planet earth colonists.
This was stated by representatives of the corporation at the beginning of this year.
Now the brewers began to take the first steps towards
achieve your goal.

Americans intend to soon send to the International
the space station barley seeds, so that scientists germinated them on
orbit and then returned back to earth. This will allow brewers
determine how much malt production will be harder
outside of our planet. SpaceX mission to deliver cargo to the ISS,
which will include these seeds, will be held next
Monday, December 4th. The grains will be placed in two special
cubic laboratories – in these autonomous modules barley
will germinate, and terrestrial experts will subsequently analyze,
how much has the chemical composition of the cereal changed under the conditions of the Martian

Vice President of Anheuser-Busch Ricardo Marquez says:

�Budweiser is always expanding the boundaries of innovation, and we are very
inspired by the common American dream of flying and subduing Mars. we
happy to start our research in the field of brewing for the Red
the planets.

Opinion about the Martian beer “Budweiser”

It is worth noting that among the more or less sophisticated lovers
Budweiser is considered far from the best beer.
Maybe that’s why many social network regulars, hearing this
news, we decided to comment on it in an ironic way.

Maybe once high technology even allows them to give
�”Budweiser” taste of beer, and not highly carbonated water, – writes one
from Facebook users.

Better to really boil it on Mars. Because on earth
it turns out they are disgusting, – says the other.

�Budweiser is so terrible that it’s better not to distribute it in
other parts of the universe because it is a crime before
consumers, – notes the third.

Users and other side of this question are noted, namely:
if Mars decided to brew not the best beer, focusing only on
on the money invested in advertising, means to this conquest
The red planet is still far away …

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