Martian panorama shot by rover�”Curiosity”, suspected of fake

The US National Space Agency has published
video with a panorama allegedly made recently by the Martian rover
science lab. In the frame, they say, hit all the key places
“Curiositi” visited on the Red Planet since its inception
coming here in 2012.

NASA experts explain that the widescreen image was
derived from 16 individual photos taken
wide-angle lenses apparatus. All pictures were taken
a robot from the top of the ridge of Vera Rubin at an altitude of about 327 meters.
Turning on the video below, you can see this panorama with your own eyes.
Impressive, isn’t it?

Despite the fact that many users of the World Wide Web in
in fact, they were very impressed with this material, ufologists and
computer graphics experts reacted to video
extremely skeptical. According to them, represented by Americans
frames are suspiciously reminiscent of a 3D model created for
some fantastic movie or computer game.

Considering that some alternative researchers do not believe
even into the reality of the existence of the International Space Station,
video from Mars, too, probably will not cause conspiracy
trust. They believe that NASA leads the world community by the nose,
telling her about her amazing cosmic achievements and
giving bogus evidence to these philistines

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