Martians came in contact with a person still inVictorian era

The conjecture that the universe can be inhabited by many
other creatures, besides humans, visited the best minds of the earth as far back as
fourth century AD, if not before. And it’s not about
religious tenets of the Creator and the life created by him. Scientists have already
then they understood that outside of our Earth there may be
other worlds inhabited by intelligent creatures. However, only in
Victorian era появились первые надежные сведения о том, что
aliens interact with humans. It’s about the famous
Swiss artist and spiritualist Helen Smith, who claimed
that contacted the Martians.

Helen Smith, chatting with the Martians

Helen was born in 1861 in the municipality of Martigny. In 1894,
when she was 33 years old (noteworthy that is the age of Jesus
Christ), the woman declared that Mars, the Moon, Venus and other celestial
the bodies of the solar system are inhabited by humanoids, thereby shocking
European scientists and ordinary people. According to the Swiss, she is
For five years, she visited the Red Planet, falling into a trance and carrying her
consciousness is millions of kilometers away from the body. This her, they say,
taught the Martians themselves, who chose Smith as
a kind of ambassador from the Earth. Helen didn’t just talk about her
traveling outside of our “blue ball”, but also led
indirect evidence of these words. Women’s stories were very
believable and had many interrelated details.

Ambient thought Helen was a man with absolutely healthy
psyche. Doctors put various disappointing heroes on our heroine.
diagnoses: hysterical hallucinations, pathological lies, substitution
reality fantasy and so on. However, Mrs. Smith herself
firmly believed in what is a brilliant medium capable
make out-of-the-body travels to the Red Planet where aborigines
always been happy for her. Falling into a deep trance, the woman began
quickly print on paper mysterious characters. She said it
messages aliens written in the Martian language.
Subsequently, the spiritist willingly translated them to the Swiss version.
German language. For this, Helen got the nickname “muse
automatic writing.

What does the Red Planet look like through the eyes of a human spirit?

After each session, our heroine began to draw
Martian landscapes and the inhabitants of a distant planet. Blessing being
a good artist, Mrs. Smith could in all its glory portray on
paper that she allegedly saw with her own eyes. In Helen’s Visions
the inhabitants of the Red Planet moved above the earth in wheelless
carriages throwing sparks downwards. Martians live, they say, in
homes that look like huge birdhouses. At the same time the sky has
yellow-green color, and there are still many around
pale purple lakes. Aliens are grown up in special
homes. Having visited one of them, the woman saw huge halls,
cradled with babies. The children were fed yellowish
milk obtained by milking a strange seal-like

The woman wrote that, despite her technological
superiority over people, the inhabitants of the Red Planet are very
simple life and consider themselves an integral part of nature. Many
millions of years ago they learned to live in peace with each other and
stopped all sorts of strife. There is no crime on mars
diseases, natural and man-made disasters, wars and genocide, famine
and poverty. Aliens are unfamiliar concepts of hate, lies,
envy, jealousy, resentment and so on. This is an advanced society without
politicians, religions and any division into social classes.
If you believe Smith, life on the Red Planet is like a real paradise,
however, people have nothing to do there, because our race is very
primitive. The only reason the Martians showed all
this is Helena, is to make earthlings understand what
society we could create in our own Earth, if we were to
eradicating their vices.

A traveler to Mars or a skillful mystique?

Professor Theodore Flournoy, who worked as a psychologist in Geneva
university, carefully examined the woman and even wrote about it in
1899 book. Unfortunately, the scientist called Swiss travel
ridiculous fiction, and the “Martian language” – a primitive fake,
Helen fabricated to gain fame. The professor determined
that these letters are very similar to French, which is Smith
knew very well. The psychologist found out that our heroine was in childhood
dreamy and lonely girl who was passionately fond of
fairy tales, adventure literature and drawing. Flurnua
suggested that the artist consciously or
subconsciously came up with this colorful world, inspired by children
experiences and own fantasies.

Despite the fact that the people of science did not believe Helen, it was
there are many other individuals who considered her words true. So, in 1900
year, a certain Mrs. Jackson, who was a wealthy American woman
I began to sponsor an artist to continue to make
their metaphysical travels to mars as well as record and
draw everything going on there. Helen Smith passed away in 1929 in
Geneva Interest in her life and work is not quenched to this day.
Many мистики, эзотерики и даже уфологи считают, что женщина в
actually made astral travels to another planet, and not
sure that it was Mars most likely aliens
specially distorted this information (it is not yet known why). With
this is her paintings with images of extraterrestrial creatures, plants and
landscapes are very popular among surrealists and

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