Mathematicians chuckle at our doubts andfears

However, in this case one can only laugh theoretically,
for example, in fact, modern world nuclear war will easily erase
our civilization, and if in this case the Earth, as we are assured
mathematics, in no case will not suffer, personally to us, people, from
this will not be easier. Or is it still wrong?

What are mathematicians building their breathtaking theories,
which prove that the world around us has nothing to do with
what we see, hear, feel and even what we study with the help
all sorts of wise sciences?

The fact is that the Universe, they say, is much more
harder than our three dimensional world (not counting the fourth –
time). To begin with, let’s imagine a world of two dimensions,
for example, let’s conditionally draw it on a piece of paper as a person
the house and the tree next to it, and so on. Do you think people
of the world can somehow judge our three-dimensional
(four dimensional) space?

It looks like no, and if we draw a perpendicular line to
planes of the two-dimensional world, then people will only see a circle in it,
diameter in thickness of this feature, they will see something in the form of a circle, which is why
obviously, scientists there will begin to build all sorts of theories, and
independent researchers will talk about the aliens or the portal in
a parallel world. If the two-dimensional world
the cone put by us, there the devil knows will occur
that: the circle starts to change in every possible way in size or all of this
a miracle will appear even in the form of various ovals, if a cone
�“Pierce” this world at a sharp angle.

Now let’s imagine that in the universe there are worlds with
16th measurements, 256th or even a lot of big ones. What do you think,
how poor will seem our four-dimensional space for residents
of these worlds? And if waving a person’s saber in a two-dimensional world
we personally see for the most part amusing, but certainly not dangerous
for us, then consider how dangerous our world is for parallel,
in which 16 or even 256 measurements. Hence the conclusions of mathematicians about
that our fears are naive and ridiculous. Man can not destroy
not the Earth, much less the Universe. Moreover, he is not even
able to destroy oneself, because at the same time dwells
in several dimensions. And after physical death in our
four-dimensional world continues to exist in space and in
time forever.

Mathematicians, of course, are judged by only numbers, but
maybe this is the best way to understand what is
The Universe, and even more so to judge its Creator. For example, the Templars in
wrote their time to at least understand what it is
God, the easiest way to turn to math. Our physical world
consists of four dimensions along with time. Next world – 4
squared, i.e. 16 measurements. Next – 16 squared, that is
256 measurements. And so on – seven worlds, seven lamps at
foot of the Most High, which represent only the material
The universe. And then comes the immaterial universe, which
we are not able to realize even with the help of numbers …

Not by chance, almost all the wise men warned that to understand that
such a God is simply impossible, and anyone trying to do this with
with the help of our weak and imperfect consciousness, doomed at its best
case of failure, at worst – a psychiatric hospital is waiting for him …

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