Maybe natural disasters are given to us as lessons.for spiritual insight and unification?

Today, video news about natural disasters from different ends
The earths began to resemble the illustrations of biblical prophecies about
The Apocalypse. Especially rampant now unprecedented in its strength
and the scope of hurricane “Irma”, which hit the islands cruelly
The Caribbean, leaving millions of people homeless (by
International Committee of the Red Cross reports 26 million people
are still at risk).

Now IRMA has already reached the island of Cuba, having reached
maximum fifth, that is, the most catastrophic category
The Saffir-Simpson scale. Wind gusts reach 380 kilometers
hour, and the front of the hurricane is so wide that its huge funnel
terrifies even from space – it is shown by astronauts from the ISS.

This is seen as a real universal catastrophe, which gradually
rolls to the state of Florida USA, but nature seems to be a little, but
because after this hurricane a new one is born, which has already been given
the name “jose”.

Florida residents in a panic, on social networks these days can
read here such records scared Americans:

I looked through the news about the hurricane “Irma” – people, how can
run faster! This is the case when it is better to perebdet. Especially
that rescuers and police open tact say nothing to help
we can not in the midst of this nightmare!

Our private homes simply can not stand the pressure of such
a powerful hurricane, especially if it cuts through them directly. And here it is not
plays no role, concrete house or frame. Such pressure
only buildings with deep foundations and pile can
steel frame, and they will fly to hell all the windows. And this is me
I am only talking about the pressure of the wind, and how do you like the flying
air, say, a palm tree torn from the root of five tons in weight? Then
Do not forget about the surge wave height to the third floor, not
to mention the other, unforeseen elemental impacts. So one
exit – run …

Nature has clearly gone mad, but it seems that we humans are losing
mind. The wars in the Middle East, the crowds of refugees who rush into
Europe, and they are not allowed just those who brewed all this,
fratricidal conflict in Ukraine, the passions in the Far
East, which is about to turn into a thermonuclear catastrophe … Not
Does it seem like we are forcing Mother Nature to take urgent
measures against the “spoiled” in earnest children, picking up a belt
in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes, showers, floods and other anomalies?
Maybe we at least in the face of the element think again and unite all
peace, ending their feuds? ..

Indeed, perhaps all these natural disasters are given to us
as lessons for combining. However, this understanding goes so far.
only from ordinary people. On behalf of the governments and under their control
The media can only hear about some kind of mythical climate weapon,
Russia applies when it comes to raging hurricanes
The Caribbean, the United States, when snow falls in Moscow in summer,
floods Bashkiria and so on.

Isn’t it time for us to understand the simple truth that we are all in
one big boat, and therefore rock it and let alone rejoice
that the stern is worse today than on the bow, at least
stupid That is why more often you can read such Russian-speaking
responses in social networks, like: “God Save America”,
�“Americans, hold on, we are with all our heart and soul”, “Russians,
let us pray to the whole world for America “and the like.

Do we really need a new Flood to understand that everything
we are brothers, we are all God’s children, and the world is designed so that our
thoughts, words and deeds form that physical reality in
which we live. Anger, betrayal, envy, robbery, debauchery and
other devilish intrigues give birth to Hell on Earth. Today many people
he is already being watched firsthand … And if we do not stop, the Most High
may well destroy our civilization, as it was on Earth,
apparently, more than once …

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