Mayor, he is the only resident of the city, -elderly woman

It turns out that maybe even this – a city in which one
single resident He is the mayor, he is the librarian, he is
bar owner. And all this lies on the shoulders of 84-year-old American Asley
Euler. And the town itself is in Nebraska and bears the name

True, on Wikipedia, this amazing US town
is called a village, however, this is an amazing phenomenon for the village
– one resident. But everyone who has been here, including the official
visit, they immediately see that Monovi is still a city, let
and small. It has a real city hall, bar, library, and
with all this big farm still runs almost
Cheerful old woman in 84 years.

Monovi in ​​2000 was famous for his small number, but
then Esley Euler lived here with her spouse who died through
four years. In 2004, an elderly American woman seriously thought about
moving to the children, however how could she throw this amazing
the town, especially the bar where visitors still visit,
a library with 5 thousand books, which (surprisingly well-wishers
and contrary to the predictions of skeptics) still has its
readers …

Therefore, Esli Euler is not only the only resident of Monovi, but
also the great worker of this tiny town, since she
have to work at least 12 hours a day.

However, she always finds time to meet with friends and
even guests of their extraordinary town who come
here to see for yourself the existence of
a small settlement in the whole of america.

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