Meeting with a creature that looks like a trunkan elephant

This story is told by a resident of Virginia, Donald Baldwin. AND
she proves that scientists still know little about our animal world
the planets.

It happened when Don was 11 years old and he lived in the city.
Alexandria (Virginia). At that time, the boy often ran to the pond
to fish. The pond was small and did not exceed one and a half in depth.
meters He was behind the townhouse, in which the family lived

On that memorable day there was a great sunny weather. Don came
on the pond alone, because his friends for various reasons failed
make him a company. But the boy was even pleased: no one
prevented him from catching frogs and small turtles for an aquarium. In water,
near the shore, lay a lot of stone boulders that don
alternately turned in search of “prey”.

A little tired, the boy sat down to rest on one of the stones. AND тут
some movement in the middle of the pond caught his attention.
Peering over, Don was amazed to see something like a trunk.
an elephant, который поднялся над водой. And then (Donald is ready
to swear in it and now) he saw eyes on a strange “trunk”, and
now the creature looked more like a giant snake! ..

In the next moment, the “snake-trunk”, cutting through the water, with a decent
скоростью двинулся в сторону Donald He came in such
indescribable horror that threw everything that he was holding, and rushed
away from the shore. A pond and a complex of townhouses divided small
forest plot. Don bullet sped through him, then, not slowing down
speed, ran between the houses, flew up the stairs to his door and
I almost pulled it out of its hinges, jerking myself hard. But he even
I didn’t know if this fantastic water creature can run! ..

Later, the boy thought for a long time about what, in fact, he saw.
Assuming that this was indeed the trunk, then to whom
belonged to? No elephant would fit at the bottom of such a shallow
reservoir. And besides, the “trunk” behaved as if, emerging from
pond he looked around first and then saw Don and rushed to
for a specific purpose, for example, to attack or from
curiosity. In the presence of the “trunk” of the eye is quite could

Tormented by these questions, Donald, though not immediately, forced himself
return to the pond, but found nothing special.
Subsequently, he caught fish there many times, and nothing
clouded his rest.

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