Mega-earthquakes will occur in the comingChristmas?

Specialists of the conspiracy group “Global Earthquake
Forecaster Ditrianum “issued a statement that the upcoming
Christmas for many earthlings will result in a real disaster
since it is at this time on the planet will occur
magic earthquake.

According to Frank Hoogerbeets (Frank Hougerbets), a specialist in
earthquakes, by December 21 mercury will line up in one line
Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter, which will affect the physical condition
each of these planets. For Earth, this will mean serious
catastrophes due to the shift of tectonic plates, which will lead to
earthquakes measuring 7-8 on the Richter scale.

My observations for many years, writes Hugherbets, with
using SSGI (SS Geometry Index), it was concluded that
the geometry of the planets seriously affects their seismic activity,
reducing or, conversely, increasing it. In this case, the planets
lined up in the most unfavorable way for the earth. And happen
this is from December 21 to December 25 of this year, that is, just on
Christmas holidays.

Such a warning, say conspiracy therapists, is far from being a joke and
very timely because right now many people are starting
plan where to go to make it as bright and interesting as possible
celebrate Christmas.

At the same time, Frank Hoogerbeets does not give any instructions, even
hints where these same mega-earthquakes can occur. In any
case, it is better for this period to stay at home …

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