Members of the international ufological cultclaim that Jesus Christ will return on July 28 of this year

Members of the international ufological cult под названием
The ethereal society or the religious teachings of etherius believe that
Jesus Christ was a stranger who arrived 2018 years ago on
Earth from Venus.

He allegedly returned later to his home planet, but promised
someday be back among us. The other day the members described
sects from the English county of Devon stated that the second coming
already approaching, and began to prepare for a pilgrimage to the local
�”Sacred” mountain to meet with Christ.

The Ether Society was founded in the 1950s by the British
taxi driver George King (1919-1997), who allegedly heard
a divine voice in your head. A voice told King that he was
chosen earthly representative in the “interplanetary parliament.” Today
This cult is regarded as a sect, already quite strong,
having its followers in several countries of the world.

Representatives of this organization do not disclose broad
the public of all its secrets, and one can only guess
why they decided that the Son of God, this powerful
alien, will return to Earth already this year. The members
the ufological sect claim to have accurately calculated this, and the Second
coming is expected in the summer, namely July 28. Coming so
operation called “The Power of Prayer”, during which participants
Etherian Society will climb the “sacred” Mount Holdston Hill in
Devon to greet the Messiah and bow before him.

George King said that Jesus Christ would come to earth again with
Venus in the spacecraft and will use their
fantastic abilities to change our world for the better
side, as human society is mired in malice,
possessiveness and contention (military hysteria). It will happen in the very
business or not, we will know in 3 months.

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