Men arrested for trying to sell a lamp withjinn

Quite an unusual thing happened in the Indian city of Bagiaishe.
the crime. At least, law enforcement officials say so
authorities, although the arrested claim that they have done nothing
unlawful. According to the largest Indian information
Press Trust of India, four men, including
police driver were detained while trying to sell
предполагаемой лампы с jinn, способным выполнять желания своего
the host.

Some Tapas Roy Chowdhury recently received a call from a friend
who said he had found a lamp for sale with
заточенным в нее jinn, однако за нее необходимо было заплатить
16 thousand dollars. Agitated by the opportunity, Tapas
He told about this to another comrade named Basudb Kundu.
Chowdhuri and Kund scraped together the necessary amount (including
several credits) and headed to a meeting at a local hotel. When
they met with four sellers, they showed
buyers antique metal oil lamp, which allegedly
huddled mystical performer desires.

Chowdhury, however, soon suspected that the sellers were coming
illogical, trying to exchange an old vessel for money. Why should they
asked, it took 16 thousand when they could ask
genie about a million or even a billion dollars? Between sellers and
failed buyers there was a serious fight in
the room, because of what the hotel staff called the police. Owners
lamp arrested on fraud charges. However, the guards
The law failed to understand one strange detail in what happened. The thing is
that the old oil lamp, even without the omnipotent genie in
It turned out to be very valuable, and its value, according to modest estimates,
more than 22 thousand dollars, not to mention the fact that a solid
international auction this figure can grow to several hundred
thousand. It turns out that the “fraudsters” cheated not only the gullible
buyers in the face of Chowdhuri and Kundu, but also themselves …

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