Men in India have managed to videothey “drowned”

Paradox, but at this time we live. Now everyone in
There is a smartphone in your pocket, and even if it is not very cool, then everything is on it
Anyway, there is a video camera. And this circumstance
sometimes allow people to make literally unique videos.

This is exactly what happened with the three men (relatively
young people up to thirty years old) from India, in the state of Rajasthan, who,
as reports the edition of The Daily Mail, having rolled on bicycles
(apparently overheated a little), decided to swim in an unfamiliar
pond. And not just like that, but also to take on video all this “funny
procedure. “

But as criminologists say, something went wrong, except
Of course, the shooting itself. The man who first climbed into this pond, like
it turned out he could not swim and did not count on its depth, but
because immediately began to sink and call for help. Two other young
Indians were quick to lend it to his comrade, but, apparently,
again underestimated, neither the depth of the reservoir, nor their skills in

Soon, all three were in the drowning position (see video)
and, ultimately, all three – drowned. All this is fixed
impassive event recorder – a smartphone that was later found
the police and, thanks to the videotape, restored the details of this

By the way, the video, which by some miracle (however, this is not
nothing strange: people crave for a sensation – get it!) has surfaced
Internet caused a mixed reaction. In spite of the universal
sympathy from most people some skeptical
configured users did not believe in the accuracy of the shot on
this video: they say, all this is the most ordinary theater, fake.
For example, rescue professionals claim that
the drowning person does not swing his arms, but instinctively draws them
to the sides, trying to push off from the surface of the water.

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