Mermaids are not only seen, but also caught

Mermaids are mysterious creatures of the seas, rivers and lakes that
most ancient times people are worried about their mysteriousness: who are they –
rational beings, like ourselves, or just animals? And there are
Are they really?

In the memoirs of some missionaries you can read about the attempts
catch the mermaid. So, the missionary who belonged to the Order of the Capuchins,
told what he saw from the deck of a ship going to Congo like mermaids
and newts (sea men) were collected in shallow algae with
bottom. The vessel anchored and the sailors quietly lowered their nets, however
underwater inhabitants spotted them and deftly escaped the trap.

Captured mermaids

An Italian missionary from the city of Pavia, father Francis, in 1701.
who visited Angola, initially did not believe the locals when they
told him about the mermaids living in the waters of their lake. Then
the aborigines caught one of them in the net and presented the preacher in
proof of your veracity. The missionary examined in detail and
described the mermaid in detail, adding that a day after being caught she
has died. The question of whether these creatures have a soul remains for the father.
Francis open, and in fact he was very important because, apart from
among other things, the Angolans hunted mermaids and consumed their meat
in food. So whom did they actually eat: fish or people?

In 1560 the church was closer than ever to answering this
question. Then у берегов острова Маннар близ Цейлона голландские
the sailors at the same time caught seven mermaids! .. Caught in these
the edges of the Jesuit Fathers did not miss the chance and tried to find out
whether these beings are people endowed with an immortal soul.
Researchers have long debated, but did not come to
unambiguous conclusion.

Much more fortunate personal doctor of the Dutch viceroy in Goa
M. Boske, who was there. Anatomized mermaids caught
near Mannar, he concluded that these creatures in all
like people – both externally and in their internal structure.
It must be assumed that the distinguished doctor did not cut it alive, since all
mermaids placed in large containers of water died later
several days…

The same sad fate befell other “underwater people”,
once they got into captivity. In 1682 near the Italian town
Sestri (not far from Genoa) was caught so-called. �”Sea man”, and
many townspeople were able to view it closely. One of the witnesses
wrote that in the course of the day the prisoner was repeatedly seated on
chair, and this suggests that his body is quite flexible and
there are joints (unlike fish). �”Sea Man” lived only
a few days and for all this time I did not eat or drink anything, but
just cried and uttered mournful cries …

At the beginning of 1738 in the newspaper “London Daily Post” appeared
message: in the gulf near the town of Topshamp (Devon) caught
mermaid. Subsequently, she was shown to the public in Exeter, Bristol and
Bate It is not known how long this unfortunate creature lived in
captivity and what happened to him later.

According to testimonies that have come down to us from the past, mermaids in the seas
met not so rarely, but people considered them outlandish
creatures. It is not surprising that when in 1531. in the waters of the Baltic
sea ​​caught the mermaid, she was immediately sent as a gift to the King of Poland
Sigismund II. The ruler and his court saw with their own eyes the captive,
only, unfortunately, not for long: she died in captivity on the third

Mermaids in captivity

In 1430g. in Holland the dam was washed away, and the sea flooded large
territory, why the inhabitants had to move by boat.
One morning, girls from the small town of Edam set off
way to milk the cows. In the shallow water they saw a mermaid stuck
in dirt. The girls took her to the boat and then brought her to her home.
The mermaid stayed with them and lived for as long as … 15 years! Say she
though she did not learn, but she learned to wear a dress, there is, like
man, and knit. In addition, the good Catholics have taught their
Trust to worship the holy cross, and this gave rise to bury
her in a Christian way.

But if there were only records about this mermaid, then from another
even the portrait has survived, which was written by the “famous Sue Gautier”
In 1758 in Paris, the mermaid exhibited for public viewing,
placed in a large aquarium at the fair in Saint-Germain. Wrote
an eyewitness captive fed fish and bread. She was very mobile
and gladly splashed in the water. Resting mermaid in
upright. Appearance was ugly and ugly. (WITH
it is difficult to disagree when looking at the drawing of Gauthier.)

It should be said that the descriptions of mermaids are not too different between
despite the fact that eyewitnesses are divided by centuries or
thousand kilometers distance.

The captured mermaids are often released

One English chronicle mentions the “sea man”,
which in 1187 caught in Suffolk County. It is not known how many
time he spent in captivity, but then somehow escaped from
captivity. The fugitive rushed into the waves of the sea, and they never saw him again. But
it happened when catchers themselves released caught �”Sea

In 1619 two Danish royal advisers sailed to Sweden from
Butрвегии. Suddenly, they saw from the board some kind of humanoid
a creature sailing parallel to their ship. Sailors hid in a slice
bacon hook attached to strong twine and cast bait
in water. Caught on her “sea man” was pulled out to the deck.
However, he shouted so loudly and this cry was so threatening that
frightened sailors hurried to throw their captive back into

Sometimes the fishermen released unexpected prey. Once
It happened near one of the Shetland Islands.
Эдинбургский журнал сообщил, что в рыбацкую сеть попала mermaid.
She was grayish in color, with no scales on her tail. Fishermen
having held my captive in the boat for some time, they decided that from her
better get rid of. After all, if then something happens in the sea
misfortune, blame those who tormented the unfortunate creature …

Probably, six of their “colleagues” from the island of Yell also thought that
which in 1833 had to meet with the mermaid. She got confused
nets that the fishermen took out. As they later said, the growth of a mermaid
was about three feet. There were no gills on the body, just like
on the tail – scales. The captive did not resist the people and only plaintively
groaned. After keeping her for three hours in a boat, the fishermen released a mermaid in
sea. Diving, she immediately went to the depths.

Mermaids of Russia

In Russia, sometimes they also caught mermaids – “river” or “meadow” –
as follows from the stories, tailless. In a recording made in 1891.
according to the peasants, it was said that once upon a time (they know it
from old men) two mermaids were brought to the village. These creatures
looked like women with long hair. Saying nothing, they
only wept bitterly. When the mermaids were released, they started singing
played and ran into the woods.

At one time, V. I. Dahl also recorded a story about one such
capture. The events took place in the village, which the peasants called
Monastery and which stood on the shore of a large lake. Once upon a time
long time ago the men dragged the child out of the lake with nets. When he was lowered into
water, the child frolicked and played, and when they brought to the hut – he languished
and cried. A peasant who caught a strange little boy once said to him:
listen, I will not torment you more, let you go back, only you
serve me I will set up the nets in the evening, and you put fish in them
more. The child who sat on the pole shivered, his little eyes
flashed with joy. The man set up strong nets on the lake,
Maltsa put in a tub, brought to the shore and even thrown into the lake. And in the morning
come to inspect the net, and it is full of fish!


Mermaids see in our days, but less and less, and only
catch … Either they are gradually dying out in the waters that are so
our civilization is heavily poisoning, or they have become more cautious,
seeing what perfect technology for catching marine animals
possesses a modern man. And maybe that is the fault of both: we
ceased to believe in mermaids, compose poems and songs about them, as
did our ancestors, and therefore forever lost contact with their world,
which may only be in contact with our physical
by reality. However, there are researchers who seriously
deal with this problem and they have evidence that
�“Water people” really exist …

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