Mermaids exist – and their underwater worldconstantly in touch with our

Another documentary about mermaids? One more
research team of scientists and documentalists who want
to prove to the world that mermaids really exist?

In fact, people who somehow come into contact with this
the secret of the underwater kingdom, can no longer live in peace, they are depressed,
that all other inhabitants of the Earth do not know the main thing: except for our
civilization on our planet is also underwater, and quite
reasonable world. It is incomprehensible and scary for us, most often
intertwined with some beliefs, legends, creepy
stories. However, there are many real documented cases
when humans encountered these tailed creatures, most often
hostile to people.

Why hostile? No one knows, it is quite possible for
the reason that people themselves from time immemorial on occasion have always sought
or catch, or kill the mermaid …

If you continue not to believe that the world of mermaids exists,
We invite you to watch the latest video from the Republic
The Philippines, which captures the moment as one of the local
girls decided to swim in the sea under the moon, while her
the guy was shooting his beloved on a video camera smartphone. At some
moment of a girl suddenly begins to fend off someone in the water. Camera
imprinted that someone’s hand is trying to grab a filipina and drag off
in the sea.

As the girl herself admits later, she was a mermaid, who in
this area, according to belief, is often seen by locals. but
the Filipina did not really believe in all these “fairy tales” before
until she herself faced this mysterious phenomenon. Girl and so
I did not understand, whether the mermaid was playing with her, or she wanted to drag in
your underwater world. In any case, the mysterious mermaid did not cause
Filipina no harm – just a little scared …

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