Mexican got pregnant at 70

70-year-old Maria de la Luz from the Mexican city of Mazatlan
claims to be pregnant six months ago. It has become
a huge surprise for herself, for the woman’s family and for

The future woman in labor showed journalists ultrasound photos,
however, to set a world record, she should officially
document your pregnancy. Judging by the ultrasound
pictures, Mexican awaits the birth of a girl.

The woman does not tell how she managed to get pregnant: natural
by or through artificial insemination. According to
Mary, she realized that she was preparing to become a mother again, about three
months ago. Mexican appealed to both the state and
private clinic. Gynecologists suggest that because of such a solid
age de la luz will have to do a cesarean section. The woman already
There are seven children, and all of them are adults. They are very
worry about their mother because they fear that a 70-year-old woman in labor can
die in the hospital. Doctors who are watching our
the heroine.

If Mary really gives birth to a child and officially
register it, she will become a record holder, beating achievement
Spaniards Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara. Last gave birth in 2006
year of two twin boys aged 66 years. When she
was in a California clinic, she even had to lie
Doctors about their age, so that doctors agreed to do her ultrasound. TO
Unfortunately, this woman died three years later from the disease, leaving
little sons in the care of loved ones.

However, the current unofficial oldest mom in the world
Omkari Panwar from India, born in 70 years of twins, is considered:
boy and girl…

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