Mexican volcano Colima again pleasedufologists

We have already written on our website that in due time near
mexican volcano Colima was installed around the clock
webcam Live Internet Cam, which allows scientists to volcanologists
watch this fire-breathing monster, and ufologists constantly
catch here UFO and other anomalies.

For example, a YouTube video hosting user with the nickname Tenshi Mex
can boast that periodically “catches” UFOs,
appearing in the lens of this DVR. His last
�The “catch” occurred on March 12 of this year. Here’s how he commented
ufologist video that he posted for all to see in
Internet (see below):

Watching the volcano Colima – my passion, I have 5 years
doing it. During this period, I managed to record 40
when over or near a fire-breathing monster
UFO. All these records can be found on my channel. However, I will immediately say
that aliens are not always so “openly careless” as in
this time, so the current video can be called
most successful, because the record was clear, well, just
unique. I am very pleased with this, that is, my five-year efforts are not
gone in vain and, finally, crowned with real success.

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