Mexico City Strike NextCalifornia?

Yesterday, that is, September 19, 2017, occurred in Mexico
another earthquake (see the video about this destructive
force) with a magnitude of 7.4 on the Richter scale. Now suffered
the capital of the state is Mexico City.

Climatic weapons?

A similar earthquake megalopolis of Mexico City experienced in 1985, when
natural elements claimed more than 10 thousand dead inhabitants, injured
there were three times more, and somehow affected – millions. But
what is interesting is that terrible earthquake known as
�”Terremoto de México de 1985″, also happened on September 19th …

They say the shell in one funnel does not fall, even difficult
imagine that, for example, two world wars start in one
day, and here … And because the conspiracy therapists, journalists and all and sundry
they started talking again about climate weapons, or at least about
aliens who also could arrange it all. Only in this
case somehow explicable such a strange coincidence.

Patterns and coincidences that scare …

And seismologists saw in all recent events related to
earthquakes in the Americas, their patterns.
All these earthquakes begin in South America, then through Mexico
get to california because the last two areas
geologically interconnected continuous rift. And, judging by
previous cases, for example, in 2014, California gets the most
a strong blow – and it happens exactly one month later, as shakes
Mexico City.

That’s why California residents today are in great fear,
Strange celestial flashes have added fuel to this panic,
observed by residents of los angeles. The fact is that something like that
saw the people of Mexico before a massive earthquake on September 9th
years when individual shocks reached 8.2 on the scale

By the way, what about the planet Nibiru?

Conspiracy therapists in turn immediately linked all these disasters with
the mysterious planet Nibiru approaching Earth. In their opinion,
it was she who provoked the perturbation of the surface in Mexico – and this
just the beginning. At the very least, it seems a strange fact:
admins of several of the most famous conspiracy sites
received on the eve of a photograph from an unknown source in which
depicts the alleged Planet X, supposedly accidentally fixed
amateur photographer during the Great American Eclipse 21
August of this year.

What is it, ask supporters of the theory of world conspiracy, that
the mysterious snapshot promised by David Mead or someone
is preparing the general public for something really serious?
I remembered for this reason the public statement of the senator from
Brazilian Telmario Mota, who in May of this year warned
about the impending disaster from space – the planet Nibiru, about
than one of the NASA employee friends told him.

All this, we agree, looks rather strange. And although
Planet X still cannot be seen in our solar system,
according to numerous astronomers, as
professionals and amateurs, it is possible that it exists in
parallel to the plane, which, however, does not exclude the
of this threat in our physical world. After all, Nibiru appears
somehow at times, if you believe the same mysterious picture,
various other eyewitness accounts made on August 21,
who see the two suns in the sky, then some dark circle near
of our Luminary …

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