Michael Jackson is probably still alive and evenreleases songs

American “King of Pop” Michael Jackson passed away in 2009
a year at the age of 50 from an overdose of drugs.
At least, this is the official version. However, one of
the most devoted fans of the famous performer and dancer
claims that he is still alive.

According to this fan, his idol was forced to reliably
hide from the world because of the constant attention of the press, whose persistence
ostensibly long fed up with Jackson and even interfered with him in his personal
life up to “thoughts of suicide.” And because, they say,
the famous pop musician found this original way
�”Get rid of the crowd” …

Moreover, if you believe this individual, the famous singer
still writes and makes music, but does it … through his
sister Janet. Listening to the song “The Great Forever”, allegedly performed
her, the conspiracy theorist could not get rid of the feeling that the voice of a woman
suspiciously like the voice of her deceased, as it is believed, brother.
When our hero slowed down the reproduction of the composition in
audio editor, he actually suddenly heard vocals

The composition was recorded six years after the intended
Jackson poisoning medication. Perhaps you yourself are very
wonder if you turn on the video below with
processed song and hear the voice of the “King of Pop”. Of course,
Michael and Janet are siblings, and therefore they can
to have somewhat similar vocal abilities, however it is very doubtful
that a woman sings in an accelerated voice of her deceased

However, listen and decide for yourself, if you are, of course, well
know the work of Michael Jackson.

As many Internet users say, this
Interestingly only fans of the “King of Pop”. As usual
a person is unlikely to understand something from this material. But if you believe
the author of this (simply fantastic) theory, it turns out very
interesting thing – Jackson somehow managed to escape from captivity
general attention and reverence. Usually, this “drug” is like
psychologists say, it is not treatable, and voluntarily
one can only escape from such a scene by contrasting something spiritually with it
greater, for example, faith in God. Therefore, it is doubtful that
this handsome was still alive.

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