Michigan resident claims his camera trapcaptured an angel

Michigan resident David Zimmerman claims that with his lens
the camera traps got something amazing and maybe

According to the American, his forest camera, which responds to
movement, captured the very angelic essence. Taking a look
in the picture below you can actually see
translucent bluish silhouette as if fitted with a pair

Skeptics on the World Wide Web suggest that it was a bird,
flew in front of the camera, or even a thin one hung on a Christmas tree
the cloth. Nevertheless, experts believe that it is still about

David says he got this photo on the bottom
Michigan’s northern peninsula. Zimmerman told users
Network that one of his friends works in the photo salon. When our hero
brought and showed this picture to his friend, he said that
I’ve never seen anything more amazing in my 25 years of work there.
He carefully studied the frame, after which he concluded that speech cannot
go about the bird failing the camera matrix or the dirt in it
the lens. What is it then? Is it really some kind
essence from thin dimensions? Certainly not necessarily what
angel. Maybe just someone’s lost soul between worlds?

By the way, photomontage experts confirmed the opinion
professional photographer – the picture is authentic, and it is clearly not
bird. Then what is this, what is the mystery? True, similar puzzles in
our world is not counting, and the white ghosts recorded by cameras
CCTV – a phenomenon quite common in our

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