Michigan resident stumbled upon a snow femaleman with cubs

February 15 on the famous video hosting “YouTube” appeared
mysterious record depicting probably legendary snow
man somewhere in the forests of the US state of Michigan. As often
happens with similar materials, details of the meeting of the operator with
the alleged relict hominid is very scarce. Cryptozoologists,
who uploaded this video to the World Wide Web, only report that with
On the other side of the chamber there was a certain tourist who went to
single trip to nature. Having received these amazing shots, a man
soon poisoned them by e-mail to specialists, wishing
stay in the shade.

By turning on the video below, you can see the high and
a dark anthropomorphic figure leisurely strolling among
trees and bushes fern. American managed close enough
get close to the monster, but he didn’t react to
human presence, even though the man is loud
crunched branches. This caused skepticism among some regulars.
Network. According to them, the real bigfoot is easily noticed.
(felt) would be a man for many hundreds of meters, and therefore had
to hide.

Meanwhile, other commentators reviewed on mysterious frames
two small black silhouettes that followed a large one. According to
of such users, a yeti female with two
cubs Probably for this reason, the researchers assure
this video, was the reason that Bigfoot failed
to hide. This is how “careless” behaves, for example, a bear:
if he doesn’t manage to take his bears away from human eyes in time …

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