Michio Kaku: Apocalypse is coming, but media and scholarssilent about it

Journalist Anderson Haze Cooper recently interviewed a prominent
American scientist of Japanese descent, Michio Kaku, who
has long been surprising the world with its discoveries in the field of theoretical
Physics (see video). However, the conversation in this case was not about
physics and not about mathematics, but about the upcoming apocalypse.

The fact is that at the moment about climate and other
natural disasters have started talking not only to conspiracy therapists, but also to
scientists. But, if the first remember the quatrains of Nostradamus, in which
You can find hints of a third world war and a zombie apocalypse (with
the beginning of all this horror in 2018), then more sober-minded
the researchers, to which belongs to Michio Kaku, more inclined
to the fact that at the moment we are experiencing a much more serious
moment – the period of global natural disasters.

In his interview, Michio stressed that he literally shouted about
all this – and for a long time, but what’s the use of it? About natural
disasters that occurred only in 2017, say –
no time is enough. But at the same time, official scientists and
lured media silence all this. Moreover, Kaku stressed
I know perfectly well that in many states there are official
orders to hide such data from the general public,
especially with regard to seismology and meteorology. Such
indications are available in the USA and many countries in Western Europe. Like this
The situation in Russia and Asia is still unknown.

The scientist said that further will be even worse, in his opinion, through
three years the victims of natural disasters can be counted in hundreds
millions and even billions. However, give accurate data on
the approaching Apocalypse, Michio refused, however,
adding that the powers that be will not be able to sit in bunkers. AND
it is a pity that they do not understand this, and therefore they do everything with a huge
late For example, an international group has now been created
researchers of the looming natural apocalypse, but not
Is it too late, Michio Kaku questions?

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